Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

"Christ the Lord is risen today"

Easter Sunday

On Easter Joe and I met mom at church for a beautiful service. Later that afternoon mom had the whole gang over for dinner and yet another Easter egg hunt. The little babes Luke, Landon, and Lawson were so cute trying to gather their eggs. They were running right past them. Then the big kids had their turn. Langley found the golden egg with the $1, but being the sweet sister she is she gave it to Leyton. Rhett was shaking his eggs to make sure there was candy in each one. He did not want to miss out on any candy!!! ha ha Brendan was so cute counting his eggs over and over. Oh what wonderful memories. Mom the food was amazing!!!!!

38 Weeks today! Baby Reaves should be here in the next 2 weeks!!!! We can't wait!

Spring Break

Spring Break

We had a wonderful spring break. The weekend before Easter we went to Joe's parents. They live on the water in Havelock, NC. Bridget and her three kids Joey, Kelly, and Abby came down from PA. We had so much fun!!!!! We ate and ate and ate! Of course the ladies played mahjong hours on end. Abby kept us entertained by singing songs, Kelly had fun winning all the bike races, and Joey and Uncle Joe had fun playing with the air soft guns. My mom and sister came on Sunday for the baby shower that Marilyn and Bette through for us! We got so many cute things for baby love, thanks to all of M's great friends! Then we had an Easter egg hunt. The kids had so much fun playing together. Uncle Joe even took them for a ride on the jet ski.