Sunday, October 16, 2011

Moments with our lil' Pumpkin

I've had the last two weeks off of work to spend with my big and little guy. It has been so so nice being home and having extra time with my boys!

Reaves practiced sitting up!

Started Solid foods! He LOVES sweet potatoes like his Papa!

Watched daddy clean the boat! He loves being outside with his daddy and kicking his legs!

Spent lots of quality time with his mommy loving on him!

Went to church nursery for the first time!

Jumped and Jumped and Jumped in his jumperoo!

Tried to eat his toes! He loves playing with his feet!

My lil' pumpkin went to the farmer's market for some FALL pictures!

Mommy's pumpkin head!

Our baby pumpkin in the baby pumpkins!

He is such a chill baby! He did so good getting his pictures taken!

Reaves and daddy! I heart these two!

Dressed up in his cow costume for Halloween! MOOOOOOOOO

Happy Halloween!
From one sweet little pumpkin!