Monday, May 23, 2011

Reaves: week three

On Monday Reaves had his two week well check. Everything was great except he hadn't gained an ounce. I was so disappointed because he eats like a mad man! After our appointment Claire came to visit and bring us lunch! She recently got engaged in New Orleans so I got to hear the whole story and see her gorgeous ring! She was so sweet to bring back Reaves a New Orleans bib and a plush alligator toy! I couldn't be happier for Claire and Will! Claire is one of my best friends and Will is one of Joe's best friends, and they actually introduced Joe and I seven years ago. Can't wait for the wedding festivities to begin!

Later that day the sweet Lydia from my class and her mom Gina came to visit and bring us dinner. Lydia grinned ear to ear the whole time!!!! She was so excited to hold Reaves she didn't want to leave. Gina outdid her self and brought us the most wonderful meal with a huge chocolate cake! I indulged for breakfast a few mornings! ha ha Gina also made Reaves the cutest onseie with a tie on it and some precious burp cloths! That was so sweet of you! Thanks again!

Ready for American Idol with my guitar onseie this week!

Reaves and I had a relaxing morning Tuesday. We had cuddle time and slept a little later to catch up lost sleep! He is my love bug! He loves to be nestled up right beside me and it helps him sleep a little longer. It was a lazy day and much needed! Later that night we went to meet my Dad,Carla, Langley, Leyton, and Lawson for dinner. After dinner they came to our house for a few minutes to love on peanut. I didn't know babies sucked their thumbs at such a young age later that night Reaves was sucking on his thumb. It was absolutely precious!

Mommy's love bug and Daddy's Bubba!

On Wednesday I dressed up little man in a monkey outfit from my good friend Amy. He looked so adorable!Later that night mom came over to watch  Scotty rock it out on American Idol. Isn't Scotty just the cutest?

Thanks Amy for my little monkey outfit!

Go Scotty!!!!

I had my first checkup on Thursday since my c-section.The doc says everything looks good and that I can start taking baths again!!! wu hu music to my ears! Later that night I went to my sisters for dinner. Mom made the most delicious meal! Then we watched Scotty make it to the final two!!!! I snapped a few pictures of Reaves and Lawson as they are almost exactly 2 years apart. Law Law looks like a giant next to Reaves! It was so cute! Happy Birthday Lawson 5/20/09!

On Friday I took Reaves to school to meet my 19 precious first graders who I miss dearly! They were so excited! We had a little Popsicle party and I "showed" him off to everybody! That night Joe and I had a little date night with Reaves in tow to have sushi. Oh how I've missed raw sushi with a glass of white wine! Reaves was not feeling it, he was a little fussy so we had a speedy dinner date, but it was still nice! Oh and Reaves slept for 5 hours straight! Oh how sweet it was!

He loves his Summer swaddle wrap!

Saturday our good friends Courtney and Dave came from Maryland to meet baby Reaves. We enjoyed some bbq from Smithfield's for lunch and catching up! Thanks Court for the book I've already been reading to learn all about how to be the best mommy to our sweet baby boy! Later that afternoon Carrie Dale and Jim stopped by! Carrie and I went to the hospital to meet Mr. Noah Quinn who was born on Saturday! Congrats Brittany and Andrew! I'm so excited that we have boys so close in age to be friends like we are!
Then we grilled out that night some burgers and enjoyed being outside! He did it again a 5 hour stretch! Could this be his new routine?!?!?!?

Sunday we headed to the golf course so Joe could play 9 holes. I drove the golf cart and watched while Reaves slept the entire time. We had quality family time for a few hours! I wonder if Reaves will like playing golf as much as his daddy! Then we went to Matthews to grill out for the night. He grilled fresh Wahoo that he had caught the day before! It was delicious! Ashley got to meet Reaves for the first time and the weather was so nice! No five hour stretch tonight! I guess I will take what I can get!

Reaces rocking the collar shirt!

miss ashley

matthew and elwood

Our baby boy has changed my life more than I could ever imagined! I find myself gazing into his wide eyes as he now knows my voice and lights up when I talk to him...... I marvel at his tiny fingers and toes and count them over and over....... I give him Eskimo kisses like there is no tomorrow because his daddy says he likes it.................I find myself tapping him when I can't hear him breathe just to make sure he is o.k. call me neurotic but I call it pure love! I feel richer with his every smile......he is my sunshine as he has brightened my life.....I sing to him everyday just like my grandmother sang to me......"you are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are gray you'll never know dear how much I love you please don't take my sunshine away!" My mom has always call me her sunshine! My dad has always said I was the light of his life! So now I realize how deep there love is for me as I love our son just that much and it grows stronger everyday!

I love you Reaves Makinson Cataliotti to the moon and back!