Wednesday, May 9, 2012

reaves' first birthday brunch

If you know me you know I am a planner! I have been planning Reaves birthday in my mind for months the color scheme, the food, the decor,etc. I read you should plan your child's big day around their schedule. So Reaves usually takes a nap around 9:00 so I planned a brunch for 10:30. Well let's just say the nap didn't go quite as planned because it didn't happen at all. I thought to myself all this time, money, and planning and he is going to be an ill pill!!!!I realized I just needed to roll with it so I poured myself a mimosa slapped on a smile and he did GREAT!!!! He had just as much fun at his party as I did planning for it! We had lots of family and a few friends celebrate our little guy!!!! I'm so glad it didn't rain but it was HOT!!!! Making memories with loved ones isn't that what life is all about?

             It started with this invite thanks to Pinterest my latest indulgence!

The color scheme and turtle motif was born from his monthly onseies he wore as I took his monthly picture . The label was lime green and aqua with a turtle!

It was neat to see his pictures side by side documenting his first year of life! I feel like he changed so much so fast! His 6 month pic is my favorite!!!!

drinks to keep cool!

Tub of fun!
The silly string was a hit!

Bubble gum favors for the kiddos!

cupcakes too!

gotta have a smash cake for the birthday boy!

I really thought he would "smash" it, but I don't think he knew what to think with everyone watching him!!!!!

Kid's party table!

Adult party table!

He's one! Where has the time gone!?!?

My wish for you is that you will have a life filled with love and joy!

We love you bubba!

 mama and daddy