Wednesday, May 2, 2012

reaves is ONE!

One year ago today I first laid eyes on the sweetest thing these eyes have ever seen. The first time I heard him cry I knew our life would be forever changed.  Little did I know ! The best part is I hear it only gets better!My life has been enriched beyond measure! He will never know how much I love him! How could he?

Reaves Makinson Cataliotti

ONE year later!


He is still my Bubba! He has taught me more than I could ever teach him! I am living in the moment more than I ever have thanks to my little man! Life is good! I can't wait to celebrate his first year of life with family and friends this Saturday. We are going to have a birthday brunch at our house! I have had too much fun planning! You know I will blog about the party! I hope he has as much fun at the party as I have had planning for it!

The pictures we used for his birthday invite!!!!