Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reaves: week fourteen

Our Reavesy boy, Little Joe Joe, Buddy, Boo Boo, Bubba, turned 3 months old on Tuesday!

I have loved and lauged more in the last three months than I feel like I have in my entire life!
You are my sunshine, my breath of fresh air, my Reavesy Boy!

Reaves:week thirteen

Our dear friend Christine and her twin boys came to Smithfield for a day on there way down from Maryland! Jack and Charlie will be 3 in September! They gave me a little taste of what it's going to be like with Reaves in a few years!

Jack wants to see your car! Everybody that came over "which one is your car?" As soon as he wakes up and right before he goes to bed and all in between he is interested in cars. He can read Jeep, VW, etc. Christine says he wanted a Mercedes at one time. Forget matchbox cars he wants the real thing! When they were leaving he was giving his kisses to all of us and then he bent down and kissed my car! I about fell over! After he had literally talked about cars for 24 hours he bent down and gave my license plate a smack!

Charlie is all about dinosaurs :) He knows all about them. For Jack its cars for Charlie it's dinosaurs. He loves his mommy and looks just like her too! He loves his cartoons and wanted to play outside constantly! He also loves to stand on dressers and jump on air mattresses! ha ha We had so much fun!

                                Christine loving on Reaves!

On Saturday we headed to Wilmington for the night to stay with Claire and Will for Meghan's 30th birthday pig pickin! We had a great time celebrating with the birthday girl and friends! There new house is just beautiful with a HUGE yard!

Happy Happy 30th Meghan!

                                                            Reaves, Claire, and Will

Sunday Mandy and Robby met Claire, Will, Joe, and me at Sweet N Savory for lunch. Reaves did so good and enjoyed being loved on by everybody!

Mandy and Reaves

Robby and Reaves