Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reaves: week two

On Monday Granny and I decided to get out for about an hour and leave little man with his daddy! I had a few returns to make at Belks. Then Granny suggested we get a Frappe from McDonald's. I never knew that going to Belks and McDonald's could be so fun!!!! ha ha Although it was great to get out of the house, I couldn't wait to get home to Reaves. Later that afternoon the paparazzi came out. I decided to snap some pictures of our little guy at 1 week old. Here are a few below! Later that day all the first grade teachers I work with came to hold Reaves and bring us dinner. It was such a nice visit! Thanks Casey, Pam, and Stephanie!

Daddy Time




Tuesday Reaves had his one week well check appointment. He was back up to his birth weight! I was so ecstatic!!!! His doctor was very proud!!! After his appointment we went to Chili's for Lunch. He sleep the whole time!!!! Later that day Holden and Her Nanny came to visit us. We enjoyed their visit very much! 


On Wednesday Reaves enjoyed his swing for the first time! He LOVED it! Wednesday was our first night home with just the three of us! It feels nice to be a little more settled and in somewhat of a routine! ha ha That afternoon Eric and Kristy came with their children. Khloe just loved Reaves and wanted to be my little helper. She kept saying "she is so little" even though her mom kept telling her that Reaves was a boy. It was so cute!!!! Y'all will have to come back and visit us again soon! Wednesday was also my aunt Jackie's 60th birthday so we surprised her at dinner in Raleigh. Everyone was so excited to see Reaves. He slept throughout dinner again! I hear now is the time to take him out before he is in to everything!


Kathy, Jackie, Mom, Mary Lou
Happy 60th Jackie!

On Thursday Reaves slept in his swing for 2 hours! Yeah for swings! Later that afternoon Christy and Olivia came to love on Reaves! That night Scott and Anna came to visit. We had a nice dinner and watched American Idol. Dal also dropped by to meet Reaves! When it was time to go to bed and he was all dressed in his pj's and I was feeding him he peed all over me!!!! I mean I can't figure out how to change this baby's diaper. If it doesn't go up the front it goes up the back! Any suggestions?????

swing time!!!

Christy and Olivia

Anna and Scott


Friday Aunt Carla came and spent a few hours. She loves to hold Reaves and love on him. She watched him for me while I went out for about an hour. Later that night my cousin Ashley arrived from Charlotte to spend the weekend with us. We rented a movie and had some girl time!


Saturday one of my best friend Courtney Hester came to visit us. She brought us lunch and then we went out to the outlets. It was so funny I didn't know how to open his stroller. So it took Ashley, Courtney, and me to watch a YouTube video to figure out how to open his stroller. It was too funny! Then we hit up the outlets for a bit! My cousin Eric came and met us out there. Then we had a nice dinner! A little later Jennifer came to meet Reaves for the first time. Matthew stopped by too! He was so nervous to hold the baby but he did! Then Sandra and Emily stopped by to chat. They had me laughing so hard!!! Fun night!!!


Cousin Eric



On Sunday Ashley and I took Reaves to Mucho Mexico and had a nice lunch. Then we went to visit my brother's kids. The twins were asleep but Brendan and Rhett were up. They were so excited to meet their new little cousin! They call him Ricky Bobby Cataliotti! Long Story!!!!!! Later that afternoon Kenny and Lauren brought their baby Ruth to meet Reaves. We thoroughly enjoyed their visit!!!! I can't believe Reaves will be that big in just 7 months!!!! We hope to see y'all again real soon!

Cousin Ashley

Brendan and Rhett were patting my head and kissing me!

so precious!


aww the dads with their babies!

I love this picture!

Night Night!