Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thankful at 30 with my 10 Month Tot!

On February 18th I turned the big 3-0! I had a wonderful time clebrating 30 years with family and friends! I hear your thirties are the best years yet, I'm at a good place and am looking forward to sharing the years to come with the loves in my life!

On Wednesday we did a little celebrating at the Bistro with the girls! It was so much fun!!!!

mom and me

a few of the girls!

pretty tulips from Joe!

On Saturday we took a cowboy limo to Raleigh for dinner at 18 Seaboard and then out to the Oxford to dance the night away with a fun 80's band!!!! We rode in the "tailgater" aka the back of a truck with a top! It was adorned with strobe lights and all! Thanks Lee Lee for getting the ride for us! It was too much fun! Dinner was delicious! Thanks for all of you who came to share the night with me!

A few of the girls!

Cowboy Limo (tailgater style)

Smithfield's Finest!

my love!

On Sunday (yes I am one of those who likes to celebrate my birthday all week! ha ha) we had lunch at mom's house! The Cataliotti's came and made an amazing Italian lunch! It was a great way to cap off a great week!

Aunt Car Car and her babes!

The best birthday gift ever is of course Baby Reaves! He is 10 months old already!!!!!! He is Mr. Chatterbox and says mama the most! YAY! Sorry Joe! He continually scrambles out of sight to the toilet to the wine bottles you name it! He now has four teeth up top and one on the bottom with one on the way! He loves to be tickled, to eat, to chew on his shoes, to climb on everything, to play with the remote, and to shake his head no. He still only weighs 18 lbs because he is sooooo active he burns off all of his calories! The doctor says not to worry, but he has weighed that since he was 7 months old! He's in the 22nd percentile for weight! His head however is in the 85th percentile! ha ha

He tries to rip it off every time!

wild man!

mommy and daddy's bubba!!!

This 10 month old has made this 30 year old one happy girl!