Sunday, June 19, 2011

Reaves: week seven

Joe, Reaves, and I enjoyed a few extra days at the beach as a little family after Carla and her fam left. It was Reaves first vacation!!!! On Monday night we took Reaves on the beach for the first time for a few pics! He was trying to fall asleep but I was determined to get a few shots. Then we went to Swansboro for dinner at Ducks on the waterfront. Joe had tuna and I had peel and eat shrimp and Reaves had milk! It was delicious and nice to be with the two guys in my life! My heart feels so full these days!!!! I am truly the happiest I've ever been!

Reaves and Mommy

Daddy and Reaves

Reaves first time on the beach!

I hope Reaves will love the Salt Life as much as his mommy and daddy!

On Tuesday we had a pool day and then headed to Morhead for drinks and appetizers at Chef's105. Too bad they didn't catch any Marlin that day :( in the Big Rock was still fun to people watch! Then we headed to Granny and Grandpa's to spend the rest of the week.....

Little Joe Joe

Reaves met his second little friend Reid on Wednesday..... Reid is just five weeks older than Reaves and such a cutie! His mom Leah and I have been friends for ages!!! We seriously talked the whole time I was there and could talk for hours on end..........I'm so glad we've remained friends since the first grade!!!!! Later that day I had a pedicure and a hot stone massage! That was one nice gift for a new mama! If you've never had a hot stone massage, indulge yourself! It is wonderful! Later that afternoon Reaves met his Aunt Sara and Uncle John (Joe's brother) for the first time! They were so cute with him!!!

Reaves and Reid

Aunt Sara

Uncle John

The rest of the week we enjoyed family time with Joe's family......we went fishing, shopping, had a low country boil on Saturday, loved on the baby, played games, ate, ate, and ate some more!

Uncle John and Sara got Reaves this cute nautical outfit with his first pair of boat shoes. They made his feet look HUGE!

Joe is wearing his head lamp trying to get on that "nite bite" fishing! haha

On Sunday we grilled shish-kabobs for lunch to celebrate Father's Day. Joe's Dad bought him a shirt New Dad cute does he look? Joe is just making the best daddy! He says to Reaves "hey buddy your my best friend!" I love him that much more seeing him with our son! We are celebrating with my dad on Thursday when everyone can get together! I am the apple of my daddy's eye and he is the best dad in the world!

Three Generations

                                              My Boys!

Reaves: week six

On Monday I went to school for my students awards day! Oh how I have missed them. I tried sooo hard not to cry, but I just love my 18 babies so much and know that I must send them on..... Below is a link to the video of me reading the sweetest letter to the parents. Thanks Gina for your sweet comments I am using the video you posted! I sure have loved having Lydia in my class! She brightens my days and teaches me to enjoy the small things! No I didn't write the letter but it definitely sums up my emotions about our year together. I know that I don't make the most money but I LOVE what I do.....even if I do complain sometimes......ha ha

"A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove..... but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child."

Author: Unknown

Tuesday we hit up Leyton's last baseball game. Yep I was the one screaming in the stands cheering my little guy on! I can't believe he will be in second grade next year. He plays second base and is so handsome might I add. Reaves sported his baseball outfit for the game with the baseball on the butt and all! Mom and Carla took turns holding Reaves or yet fighting over who was going to hold Reaves.....while I chomped on popcorn and a candy bar. Hey I'm nursing I am suppose to have an extra 500 calories a day! Right????

the baseball boy


Law Law


On Friday Carla and I took Langley, Lawson, and Reaves to Emerald Isle. Joe and Rodney left earlier with Leyton to go fishing for the day. They caught a few Blues, Sharks, and Spanish Mackerels. They had a fun time!!!! Meanwhile I took Reaves to the pool for the first time. He looked so cute in his swimsuit! He didn't really like it a first, but after he eats that boy loves anything! He didn't cry on his second dip!

so cute

two cuties

We had a beach day Saturday! Law Law was not such a fan of the ocean but he entertained himself for hours in the sand. Reaves stayed inside with PaPa. Langley and Leyton had fun jumping the waves with their daddy! Carla even got her hair wet! That was a stunner!

Langley, Lawson, and Leyton