Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reaves: week twelve

Bath time is getting so fun! He went from hating bath time to loving it!

He feels it out!

Then he starts kicking up a storm! It's too cute!

A far cry from his first bath!

Mommy's Reavesy Boy and Daddy's Best Friend!

Look at that chinny chin chin!
He is getting so big!




"Nothing compares to the moment you were placed in my arms
and I kissed your sweet baby face for the first time. Complete
love and indescribable joy filled my heart from that day on."
I had to leave my sweet baby boy to go back to work this week :(  It was a little easier as I left him sleeping on his daddy's chest and knew he would be loved on all day! I am thankful to have family to care for our son while I work. Although I miss him through the day when I get home I embrace every sweet moment we have together. I cant stop smiling a I gaze into his eyes and know that he will be my son forever.

Reaves: week eleven


On Monday we had a fun day in the sun with our Bridget, our nephew Joey, his friend Mason, and our nieces Kelly and Abby. While little man stayed inside with Granny!

Joe took us for a boat ride and the kids went tubing. Bridget and I even got on the tube. My ear is still hurting from our blow out. But that's ok because I got Joe back big time!!!!!

Here are a few mobile uploads below because I lost my camera charger and couldn't break out my camera! Oh but you know I wanted to!

So I've started selling this new line of jewelry Stella and Dot and I had my very first party on Tuesday at my friend Jennifer's Hallmark store. It was such a fun time! We had a great turnout and I sold a lot of gorgeous jewels to some lovely ladies! I was a little nervous about taking this on, but am so glad I did! I'm making extra money for our family while having fun! Plus I have a new jewelry wardrobe!

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I also had a party at my sister's Thursday night and got to meet a lot of her fabulous friends! Fun times!

On Friday we headed back to Joe's parents to spend time with them and his brother John his wife Sara and her parents.

They are expecting!!!!!!!! I get to be an aunt again and Reaves gets a cousin close in age! Oh the fun to be had. So on Saturday morning we got to find out the sex! We were on pins and needles as they day before they tried to find out on the ultra sound for a hour with no luck! But within a few seconds the next day they announced it's a BOY! Reaves and his baby boy cousin will be 8 months apart! I am so happy for John and Sara! Thanks for letting us be apart of such a special occasion!

Later that night we had a Low Country Boil out by the water. It was a perfect night with a cool breeze! There is nothing like picking crabs and laughing with family!

We did the beach thing Saturday. Ok the beach with a baby is overrated. It took us 30 minutes to figure out how to set up the little tent, sand was getting in his diaper, and it was a scorcher. Long gone are the days of taking my little beach bag and my 1 chair with a book in tow. But I wouldn't have it any other way and after about a hour we were DONE!