Sunday, July 17, 2011

Reaves: week ten

Happy 4th of July!

Reaves started his first July 4th at the neighborhood parade! Emily donned her crown, Reaves his 4th of July outfit/bathing suit, and even Annie had on her fourth of July attire! Sandra brought over all this red, white, and blue paraphernalia to decorate Reaves' stroller. It was too cute!

My little firecracker!

After the parade we headed to the pool to meet the Fishers! Boy it was hot! Reaves took a few dips in the pool with me and slept under the shade for a bit! We played motor boat, motor boat, go so slow, motor boat, motor boat, go so fast, motor boat motor boat step on the gas! My mom used to play that with me in the pool when I was little and I LOVED it!

Later that evening we went to to the Fishers for a cookout! We had a great time and meal! George even set off a few fireworks for us and the kids had smores! FUN TIMES!

Our Little Family
Amber and Chris

Greer,Olivia,Jack, & Grant

Jorie and Lisa

Reaves, Christy, and Me
On Tuesday Reaves first cousins Kelly and Abby came to meet him for the first time! They wanted to hold him every minute and watch me change his diaper! They were too funny! They were the best little helpers! We had such a fun time! I took them to Hills of Snow where they enjoyed their rainbow snow cones!

Kelly, Abby, and Reaves

The rest of the week was pretty chill............

On Sunday we went to Joe's parents for his sister Bridget to meet the babes and for our nephew Joey to meet him! They thought he was sooo precious! They gave him the cutest book called Tickle Monster! Mommies you have to get this book it's so clever and comes with these adorable tickle mitts!