Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reavesy Boy is 6 months old!

My granddaddy Hesley used to say "Time waits for no man!" Now I know what he meant!!!! The last 6 months have flown faster than ever before and rank as the best 6 months of my life to date. Sometimes I get a little sad at how fast he is growing.....that he doesn't fit into his little elephant pj's anymore and that we need to put his infant seat up in the attic because he has outgrown it with his 26 1/2 inches long self.

But then I'm quickly reminded of all the stages and ages to come! I really love this age his personality is really starting to shine!!!!! He yells for my attention....sometimes so long that his face turns red! He laughs out loud.....I mean really laughs the belly laugh!

These last 6 months have also taught me a lot about life. I find myself trying to sweat the small stuff a little less. I mean when I walk in the door and I see Reaves grin ear to ear just at the sight of me his unconditional love reminds me of what life is really all about!

are we about done here?

not until I get a few pictures with the Mohawk!

Happy 1/2 birthday Reaves Makinson Cataliotti!