Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hayes Elliott Cataliotti

On our four year anniversary August 15th I found out that I would deliver our second son the very next day. Talk about a special and memorable gift! Although this would make our second child I was still as nervous as I was before! We grilled steaks to celebrate our anniversary and took Reaves to Sweet Frogs for some frozen yogurt for our last night as a family of three. I cried knowing that things would forever change and that Reaves would no longer be the baby. Although he will always be my baby for his whole life! The tears were also tears of joy in anticipation of meeting our son.

Without much sleep we ventured to the hospital at 5:00am. I will always remember that time as Joe and I sat and talked about how much we thought he would weigh, would he look like Reaves, would he have much hair. I said that I thought he would like Reaves, he would weigh 7lb 11oz, and that he would have a lot of hair! Well he doesn't look like Reaves he has more of a Stevens look, He weighed 7lb 120z so I was just an ounce off, and he does have a ton of dark hair. I guess that heartburn wasn't so bad after all!

At 7:48am on August 16, 2013 Hayes Elliott Cataliotti came into this world. I squeezed Joe's hand throughout the surgery (I had another c-section) and talked to my sister in law Jackie throughout the delivery. It was wonderful having her there to take care of me physically as well as for emotional support. Oh that first cry is the sweetest sound on earth. One that will be engraved in my mind forever!


Then I spent the day loving our new little guy! What a special special day! However when BIG brother Reaves came in he said "my mommy" and had a meltdown. Slowly but surely he's coming around and is beginning to love his baby brother! He always want to kiss him and he likes to pretend he's the baby too!

Mommy's baby

Big Brother Reaves
My heart is so very full! I am so thankful for our friends and family who have been able to share this special time with us (pictures of the grands, cousins, friends etc. on my FB page). I think God everyday for all the wonderful blessings in my life! Because these two boys of ours are the greatest blessings Joe and I could ever ask for!


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winter/ I'm turning into the seasonal blogger!

Wow! When Reaves was first born I would blog each week. I didn't want to miss one little thing that was happening around us. Then I decided monthly postings would suffice. Looks like seasonal blogger fits me best! Ha The memories live in your heart! But I still want a little documentation to look back on in the years to come!

We  were elated to find out just a little before Christmas that we were expecting again! I dressed Reaves up in a BIG brother shirt and when Joe walked in he said "why is he wearing that?" I think he was a little surprised!

Then I had a little mini photo session with mickey mouse blaring in the background so he would sit still!
Although it took a few takes we got a few!

We decided to tell early because we thought that it would be special to tell at Christmas when our whole families would be together. At my mom's Christmas celebration we wrapped up the #9 as a gift. Because this will make her 9th grandchild. She didn't get it, she just tossed it back in the bag like WHATEVER! With a little prompting "mom what do you have 8 of?" she began laughing and smiling!



Christmas Eve and Day were spent at Joe's parents house. We wrapped up the #6 for them. They didn't get it at first either! But were very excited once they did!

Reaves and his little cousin Tatum had a ball together! We dressed them up as Santa and Mrs. Clause. They spent hours playing together. There truly is nothing like family!

So that's it until my Spring post! ha ha