Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reaves: week five

Happy Memorial Day!
Reaves was sporting his red, white, and blue in honor of our troops!

Can I just say Joe made a hole in one today at CCJC( Country Club of Johnston County) ! My dad said I know that just made his day, I said that just made his life!!!!! Joe loves playing golf and although he shoots well above par my man made a hole in one. My dad has played golf for 40 years and never had a hole in one. So proud of you honey!

Time is a tickin.....It's hard to believe that our baby boy is five weeks old today. I don't want to miss a thing...hence me taking a picture of him each and everyday. I remember asking my parents what was I like as a baby? Aww you were cute they say, but the harsh reality is it is hard for them to remember because so much has happened since I was born 29 years ago. So I leave the camera out on the table so I don't miss out on documenting Reaves' life. Pictures are worth a thousand words right?

 We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.  ~Stacia Tauscher

This picture is indicative of how many pics I 've taking of our son

ENOUGH ALREADY he is saying with his eyes!

oh and he gained 10 ounces! He is now a whole pound bigger weighing in at
8 lb 6oz!

One of my best friends Brittany had her son Noah just a few short weeks after Reaves was born. Brittany and I grew up being the best of friends playing dress up, riding 4-wheelers, talking about boys, going to the pool, sleeping over on school nights. I can only hope Reaves and Noah will be the best of friends like we were. So on Wednesday they had their first play date aka laid beside each other! ha ha Oh the fun to be had!

Reaves and Noah
Reaves is one month old today! I bought these cute stickers on Etsy to show how much he will change over the course of his first year. I couldn't resist the Mohawk, he just looked so dang cute!

tough life

monkey toes

happy one month bubba!
we love you!

Little Lindsay from my class came to visit! She was loving every minute!

On Saturday we went to Kristine's baby shower. She is having a baby girl Leighton in July. Maybe Reaves and Leighton will be at ECU together one day!

aunt court

aunt linds

Joe played in the member guest tournament Friday and Saturday. So on Saturday night Granny came to visit for us to go to the party! She loves an excuse to come see her grandson and we had a great time!

On Sunday we took Reaves to church for the first time. He looked adorable in his blue and white!

Later that afternoon Aunt Janice, Cousin Brooke, and Eliza came to visit to meet Reaves!

Aunt Janice

cousin Brooke

cousin Eliza