Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reaves: week four

On Monday Reaves had a weight check appointment. He had gained 6 ounces! I was so stinkin excited, he now weighs 7 lbs and 12 ounces. I am hoping at his one month appointment he will hit the 8 lb marker!!!! I also think he gave me his first real smile. I know the books say it's a little too early so I'm not going to write in the baby book just yet :) Jamie and Eddie came to visit with James later that afternoon. He is so cute!!!!! I can't believe he is already nine months old. Jamie brought me lots of baby items and several in between outfits out of maternity but still can't fit into my old clothes just yet! Thanks Jamie!!!!!! That was so sweet of you! Later that evening I took Reaves on our first walk around the neighborhood! He LOVED it!

Baby James

Jamie and Reaves

Oh yeah ready for my walk!

On Tuesday Joe's mom Marilyn came to visit on her way back home from Pennsylvania. She loved on Reaves and helped me with some household chores. It's just the best when you have family to help you around the house when your busy with a newborn! Thanks M!!! Aunt Carla came to visit too! She has to get her Reaves fix every few days! We tried tummy time again, he isn't loving it just yet! Later that evening we had Tacos! We love Taco Tuesdays! After dinner Joe went with us on a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood. I told him he was going to have to walk a little faster if I was ever going to lose any more weight! ha ha He said next time he would ride the bike beside us! I don't think speed walking is his thing! That night we watched Scotty on American Idol! I really did love both Scotty and Lauren, however Scotty got my vote! Even though I could only get through one time, at least I voted!

Aunt Carla holding me!

Tummy Time

Granny and me

Wednesday I had lunch with the girls. Meaning my mom and sister. We had a nice lunch at Kobe. Later that afternoon Heather came by with her two boys Luke and Blake to meet baby Reaves. They brought the most delicious chocolate pie. It reminded me of the chocolate pie my grandmother used to make growing up! Then Miss Alison stopped by to meet Reaves and brought him an adorable lovie from Anna Kates! Later that night we watched Scotty WIN!!!!!!! I was so happy for him!





On Thursday we had a late Cinco De Mayo celebration at Amber's house. We were going to do it on the actual date, but I had Reaves a week early so we pushed it back a few weeks. She prepared a wonderful meal with the best guacamole!!!! Oh how I love guacamole!
We had a fun time!

LeeAnna and Reaves

Birthday girl and guy

Lee Lee and Amba

Friday I met LeeAnna and Amber at Andy's. I was in the mood for a good old-fashioned orange-ade. Later that afternoon MaryCatherine came to visit. Needless to say she was dressed and ready to go to Olivia's dance recital and baby boy peed all over her! I thought I had it figured out. Not sure how that happened, but I was so embarrassed. I mean it happens to me and Joe, but it's not suppose to happen to guest! We enjoyed her visit very much! We watched King's Speech that night. Joe fell asleep, but I thought it was a great movie!

he loves to keep one hand by his face!


Saturday Nick came to meet Reaves for the first time. We were excited to see him as we don't get to see him as much now that he lives at the beach. Later that evening mom came to babysit for us as we were going to Raleigh to celebrate Amber and Kevin's birthdays. It felt so weired leaving Reaves for a few hours, I thought I was going to cry when we pulled out the driveway. However I did enjoy a night out with the husband and friends! We started at the rooftop bar at Solace and then had dinner at Sushi O. The food was amazing. Then Joe and I headed home while the rest of the crowd hit the town! Fun Night!

Our Little Family

Celebrating the birthday girl and boy

The Girls

Straley and Joe

The Engaged Couple

Me and LeeAnna

Sunday Reaves and I hung with Mimi for the afternoon! Later that night we grilled out bbq chicken and corn on the cob for dinner! Dad came to eat with us! He always knows just when to come to get a home cooked meal! I finished the book Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. It's about a little boy's astounding trip to Heaven and back. It's an easy read and a really amazing story.

For you see, each day I love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
~Rosemonde Gerard