Monday, June 27, 2011

Reaves: week eight

When I was little I loved playing with baby dolls. My favorite had to be Waylon. I named him Waylon because that is my dad's middle name and I thought it was just the most beautiful name. I remember changing his diaper, singing to him, tucking him in at night, pretending to feed him, strapping him in the back seat of my mom's car and pretending to drive while all the while looking in the rear-view mirror to check in on him. Even though the car was parked in the garage my imagination led me to believe we were driving in Florida in my jeep with the top down! Probably headed home to our glass house on the beach. Oh to dream........

Well my little Waylon turned into my real life baby doll Reaves. I did consider Waylon for his middle name but went from a family name on Joe's side instead. I guess all that pretending helped prepare me for the mommy I am today. I've always known I wanted to be a mother probably since I was two with my cabbage patch dolls. We might not be driving with the top down in Florida but I tell you we are burning up the roads in Smithfield, NC and I wouldn't change a thing. I rather be changing a diaper, singing to my little peanut, snuggling with him on the couch then anything else in the world.

One of my most favorite things about my real life baby doll is dressing him up! One day he is wearing smocking, or Polo, or something monogrammed and the next day he has something on slightly more alternative with a Mohawk. I'm going to enjoy these days while they last and style him like I want :)

                                                                          School Boy

to Surfer Boy

We had a ball at dad's Thursday night for a later Father's Day Celebration. He loves his eight grand kids and his three kids and would do anything for us! I love seeing him with Reaves :) It reminds me of the care free days of my childhood and all the memories come rushing back. He would take me to Bojangles every morning for a ham biscuit, check on me in class everyday from Kindergarten to Fifth grade while giving me a kiss in front of my whole class ( he was my principal),  and many of our afternoons were spent on the golf course I loved driving the golf cart and playing in the sand traps and getting a canned Hawaiian Punch on hole #9. Thank you dad for making me feel special! I love you!

Here is a picture of Papa with his 8 grand kids! 1 Girl +7 boys= fun chaos! He loves every minute of it!

Mad props to all you childhood photographers! It is impossible to get 8 kids to sit and smile all at the same time!

Including Crickett Thornton who shot Reaves' newborn pictures!

I heart the canvas I received for Mother's Day from Joe!

and the birth announcements she did!


We had so much fun at Jamie's baby shower on Saturday morning. She is having a baby girl in a few short weeks! We can't wait to me Caylee!

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