Monday, September 26, 2011

RC Cola and a Moon Pie

My dear friend Amber is getting married in October so two weekends ago we took a little girls trip to AB! We started the day Saturday with a champagne brunch and lingerie shower and ended the day dancing the night away at
Jack's! Fun Times!!!!!

The Bride to Be

The Girls

Holden and Amber

Me and Ashley

While I was away for the day and Joe was working Reaves stayed with Granny and Grandpa aka Joe's Parents. Now let me just tell you Joe's dad is from the Bronx and I am from Smithfield, NC. So quite the cultural gap.....he has always teased me with my southern accent and said "Hey you wanna R.C. Cola and a Moon Pie?" If he said it one time then he said it 1,000! I always laugh it off......But guess what? Reaves' initials are RC so the whole weekend he called Reaves R.C. Cola! He just got a kick out of that as you can imagine! I'm proud of my southern roots and just for the record I've never even eaten a moon pie, but I think my dad's had enough for the both of us!

             and a !!!!!!!!!!

                           A little article about this combo!

The Moon Pie and R.C. Cola combination has held fast in our southern state over the decades. Every southerner has fond memories of the Moon Pie and RC Cola. The occasional afternoon walk to the local store to retrieve a Moon Pie and an R.C.Cola with a parent was commonplace. Some of the most important parental conversations took place during the enjoyment of this delightful combination. The hurried traveler while stopping for a gas fill up, would regularly purchase a R.C. Cola and Moon Pie to tie him or her over, might I add that a hurried stop in Tennessee is equivalent to about 20 minutes or so.

We venture to say that every store in Nashville that carries food still has a Moon Pie and R.C. Cola within it's walls, from the local grocery store to gas stations to dollar stores. Not only have the R.C. Cola and Moon Pie survived and flourished throughout the south, their popularity is still growing globally. You can now order these treats anytime, via the Internet, to anywhere in the world, although it is best to order during the winter months.

Just in case you didn't know, R.C. Cola was an innovator in many areas. They were the first to introduce their beverage in an all aluminum can, the first to make a low calorie diet cola (Diet Rite) and the first cola manufacturer to make a caffeine free Soda (R.C. 100).

He also thinks he looks like the etrade baby. So here's the link you decide for yourself!

R.C. Cola Baby or ETB
He is cute to me!